Brittany Thompson

Closing Coordinator


When the package has been received from the lender, a Settlement Statement or HUD is developed that details all of the fees and costs associated with the loan. A copy of the preliminary HUD is sent to the lender, the loan officer, and any real estate agents that are involved with the transaction for approval. After review of the HUD, revisions are made so that a final version is complete for the closing, and the lender’s package, the firm’s documents, and the final HUD is given to the attorney in order to begin the closing. Additional responsibilities include making any changes (if applicable) to the HUD or the loan documents, and communicating with the lender regarding these issues or funding questions. Also, checks are set-up and printed so that they can be properly disbursed by the post-closer.

Dominique Byrd

Post Closing Coordinator


The chief task of post closing is obtaining all the signed documents at closing, which are organized to be sent back to the lender. This entails making sure each document is endorsed, dated, witnessed, notarized, and put in a specific order requested by the lender, if applicable. Post closing further consists of sending recording documents such as the Quitclaim, Warranty, and Security deed to the assigned Clerk of Superior Court for said county. Post closing is also responsible for sending returned recorded documents back to the appropriate person or place. Other responsibilities include the disbursement of checks, wiring money to a requested account, and handling all issues and inquiries about a loan after it has closed.

Ashley Kinnebrew



Handles the day to day operations of the office.  Coordinates daily activities between clients and the various Federal and State Courts.