DUI Lawyer handling drunk driving cases in Cobb, Fulton and Dekalb County. The offense of drinking and driving in Georgia is termed Driving Under the Influence. A DUI is a highly technical crime with very serious penalties. It is not something to take lightly and it requires an attorney with very specific skills to fight successfully.

DUI Attorney Leonard Medley has exceptional experience defending clients charged with suspicion of drunk driving in Georgia. His extensive knowledge of Georgia DUI laws and court rulings allows him to give you an honest evaluation of your case.

To learn more about how DUI Criminal Defense Lawyer Leonard Medley can help your call (770) 319-7592 or email DUI@Mkalaw.com. The initial review of your case is free, and there is no further obligation, so call now. Penalties for GA DUI State laws define legal intoxication as having a blood alcohol content of .08% or higher. Note that even if your BAC is below .08% you can be arrested for being impaired or a ‘Less Safe’ driver.

Even a first offense for driving under the influence in Georgia comes with severe penalties. It could lead to 40 hours of community service, a $300-$1000 fine plus surcharges and court fees, a jail sentence, probation and loss of driver’s license for up to one year. You may even be required to participate in Alcohol and Drug Evaluation and Treatment. A conviction for drunk driving in GA would result in a criminal record.

The penalties become harsher with each additional DUI offense within a ten year period. A fourth arrest is filed as a felony, which could result in a revocation of license for 10 years, a $5000 fine and a 5 year jail sentence.

Driver’s License

If you have been arrested for DUI or being impaired and you do not request a hearing with the Department of Motor Vehicles within ten business days, your license will be suspended. Under a recent change in state laws, you must pay a $150 fee when filing for a DMV hearing. Failure to include this fee with the request for a license hearing will also lead to the suspension of your driving privileges.

The length of a license suspension is determined by details of your case, whether you are under the age of 21, your blood alcohol content at the time of arrest and any previous drunk driving convictions. Generally a motorist charged with drunk driving with a BAC of .08% or higher will receive a one year license suspension. You can get your license returned in 120 days if you complete DUI school and pay a reinstatement fee.

Municipal Courts and DUI in GA

State law permits any law enforcement officer to conduct an arrest for DUI in Atlanta/Fulton County, including the Georgia State Patrol troopers, county sheriff’s officers departments and local police. Depending on where your arrest was made and by what legal entity, it is possible for your case to be heard in a municipal court rather than a county court.


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